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    Mar. 10, 2009

    Default Cat deterrent?

    I'm not blaming the cats - they're just doing what cats are programmed to do. They cannot read a "No Trespassing" sign, nor do they crap in my yard just for kicks.

    But how can I get the cats to STAY OUT OF MY YARD???? They poo everywhere and upset my indoor dogs. These cats (about 5 as best as I can tell) belong to someone - they've got collars, though I'm sure they don't all belong to the same person.

    I have seriously considered trapping them and handing them off to AC. Thoughts? Is it too much to hope that the owner would go to retrieve Fluffkins from the shelter and realize the cat was lucky to be trapped by someone who is NOT a cat-hating lunatic? Seriously, as annoying as the cats are, my real gripe is with the owners. We are in a busy suburban area; plenty of cars to contend with, AND coyote-sightings aren't infrequent.

    My husband suggested using the paintball gun on them. It's kind of funny to imagine Kitty showing up at home covered in neon splotches, but those paintballs HURT. I'd be afraid they'd seriously injure something as small as a cat.

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    Apr. 25, 2009
    Frederick, MD


    I'm wondering if the collars have tags on them, if so and if possible catch the cats and contact the owner?

    also, why not have your dogs outside on a leash or lead to bark at said cats?

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    Dec. 13, 2005
    Bell, FL


    Here's some info that might help from Alley Cat Allies.

    How to Live With Cats in Your Neighborhood

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