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    Oct. 22, 2003

    Default Need a pet sitter in Dallas

    We need a pet sitter for Memorial Day weekend this year. Gah. (I do not like beaches. Or resorts. -_-)

    Anyone recommend (or NOT recommend anyone) in the Dallas area? We will have 1-2 cats who we want checked on 2x per day. No medicine and no litter scooping. Just change water, put down fresh food, verify they haven't killed themselves or each other.
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    Jul. 29, 2001
    we've got sand and rocks, and rocks and sand...


    Hey... if would like to PM me your number or email addy I have a friend in the FW/Dallas area that does that. She's good and very trustworthy. :-)
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    Jun. 27, 2001
    Westport, Oklahoma

    Default Petsitter

    I had a FANTASTIC pet sitter when I lived near DFW airport near Grapevine. She will travel some but not sure where you are in Dallas. Former vet tech and all around lovely person. She has pretty reasonable rates too! PM me if you want her contact info.


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