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    Jan. 19, 2009
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    Default The new cow

    So as some of you might remember, we have a cow...or actually I should say a steer.... He picked us. He went on a walkabout one morning with his donkey, pony and horse friends and ended up in our back yard... He came from 2.5 miles away, passed up all the other farms and ended up here. He parted ways with his equine friends somewhere along the way, as they were found holding up a schoolbus.... So we say he picked us.... We were planning to feed him out over the summer , then process in the fall. My neighbor bet me we would not be able to eat him.... Well, yesterday, I looked out and saw him playing with the dogs soccer ball. He was running, spinning, bucking and throwing his head...I though he'd been stung by a bee until I saw the ball...

    then later I saw him try to play with the cat...the cat wasn't very interested, but Mr Moo persisted....

    So, now we have a cute adorable playful steer...... maybe my neighbor was right...
    Turn off the computer and go ride!

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    Dec. 31, 2000
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    My DH's aunt got 6 steer to raise for slaughter. She had them in a pasture that backed up to her home's deck. She named them and they'd all come when they were called. They slaughtered one, and no one would eat him, so the rest lived out their natural lives there.
    Eagerly awaiting Jan 20th, 2017. Drain the swamp.

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