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    Default Dog dewormer?

    My father in law apparently has a dog with worms. He'd rather not spend a trillion dollars at the vet to get a script (the dog already has cost an arm and a leg with chemo this past year), and I thought I might pick the brains here and find out what kind of OTC remedies exist (if any). If the vet route is the only way, then of course he'll do that.

    So... any suggestions? I'm not sure what kind of worm we're talking about, but I do know the dog is a soft-coated wheaton terrier.

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    Ideally first you need to know what kind of worms he's dealing with because not all dewormers work on all worms.

    If he's finding pieces of what looks like rice on the dog's butt, it's likely tape worms and for that I'd recommend taking the 'sample' in to the vet and getting the pill for tape worms.

    If the dog is having recurrent bouts of bloody stool, it's likely hookworms and Panacur paste wormer will work on those (you should ask your vet for the dosage. My under 20 lbs JRs get one turn of the wheel for 3 days every 3 months).

    If it's roundworms, the local feed or pet store should carry Nemex2 which does pinworms as well as round worms.

    Heartworms can be treated with cow ivermectin, but you really don't want to treat for those w/o a negative test, because the dewormer will kill the worms and cause them to travel through the bloodstream and so can cause a deadly clot.

    Disclaimer: I am not a vet, nor do I play one on TV. I have, however, been doing a lot of my own vet work for the past 16 years. Your mileage may vary and your dad's dog may die following my advice. If your dad has spend big bucks giving this dog cancer treatments, I can't see screwing around with OTC wormer that might react with the residual drugs in his system. Tell your dad to go to the vet. Doesn't the dog deserve it?
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    Oct. 26, 2005


    Father *in law*

    And yeah, he'll take the dog to the vet if that's the best choice, but he was just wondering about other options.

    Kind of like how all horses deserve to get a full course of GastroGuard, but you can't blame the people who are curious about the Carribean Omeprazole, right?

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    the worming doesn't really cost that much, vet trip wise.

    after that consider putting the dog - considering vet's advice - on heart guard or interceptor, heart worm prevention, that also deals with other paracites.
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    if the dog is on heartworm prevention, most of those do contain general intestinal dewormer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryswyn View Post

    Heartworms can be treated with cow ivermectin, but you really don't want to treat for those w/o a negative test, because the dewormer will kill the worms and cause them to travel through the bloodstream and so can cause a deadly clot.

    Ivermectin only kills the immature stage of heartworm disease. It's dangerous to treat without testing because if you got a breakthrough infection ( not even BC pills are 100% effective) that can be fatal if untreated. A different med is needed to kill an adult infection and it needs to done carefully.

    Do agree that after spending $ on cancer treatment you should continue routine care. Plus a devalued check and med should only cost an arm

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    If the dog has been to the vet and had a physical in the past year (and your dad has seen evidence of worms in the stool) I can't imagine that most vets wouldn't just let him pick up a wormer.
    At our clinic if we've seen the dog and it had a physical within the last year and the owner calls and tells us they are seeing worms we'll usually just dispense something like drontal plus... which should be repeated again in three weeks. Depending on the client we sometimes send both doses home and put dates on the doses of when to give it.
    And yes most monthly heartworm preventatives will control most intestinal parasites, but not all of them. I know heartgard plus, sentinel, trifexis, Tri-heart, and interceptor do not do things like tapeworms. Some of those also won't do whips.

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