Hi All
Here's the story...I acquired an exciting new prospect a couple months ago and will be getting him going in Jan after coming back from rehab...my problem is that I struggle financially and although I can afford the one, I seem to keep talking myself into wanting more..bad I know!!! But what I found the other day is 2 nice TB mares, both unbroke, one 3 and one 4, inexpensive to purchase but we all know that's not the main issue...anyhoo, I've recently come across a property that has a RV Trailer and 18 acres ready for horses that sets back onto trails, has a ring etc...all for $450...sounds perfect...although it's about a half hour to work etc. I pay more than that right now for one horse!! My only concern is dissappointing my parents (I moved back in with them several months ago to pay bills, and I have been doing that.) At the same time, my career choice is horses and my goals are still upper levels (I'm almost 29.) Phhhewww, tough decisions!! But maybe I should just continue with one horse-I just want to make sure I don't pass up what might be a good opportunity horse wise-I'm thinking of breaking and then selling, and keeping the one or 2 that feel like good prospects. Ok so I'm nattering on, but what might one do if you were in the same position?
Sorry for the rant! Thanks for comments!