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    Question Itchy, itchy, itchy colt!

    What could cause my yearling to be sooo itchy?
    I am not talking about rubbing his tail (though he does a little of that). His whole body itches.
    When I let him out in the bigger paddock, he will spend a 1/2 hour scratching himself on the pine trees in there. His sides, belly, neck, butt, chest - basically all over.
    He also loves being groomed and will really get into in, with the upper lip going and all.

    Any suggestions on making him less itchy?

    Could him having had juvenile herpes and now strep be a contributing factor? (I am asking because a friend had a puppy with Parvo who as a result is now very itchy and has to take Benadryl)
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    He could have some allergies or he could need to go through that deworming protocol for the threadworms that are under the skin and cause major itching and other issues. You could try using Ivermectin double dose by weight and then repeating it in 14 days.
    Good luck~!

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    Does he have dry skin? COuld you add flax or oil to his feed? My mare gets really nasty dry itchy skin every time the season changes, and I've found the flax seed helps hers. I have to feed to long term though to see any results.
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