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    Default I Love My Veteran!

    Happy veterans day to all of those out there! (and a happy be-lated 235 to the Marines!)

    I know this is a special day for my boyfriend, who is both a veteran and a Marine. We plan on celebrating after he gets home from work.

    Here is something from Facebook that I find fitting
    "A veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including their life. That is beyond honor and there are way too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact"

    Thank you to all our active and former service members out there. And RIP to those who gave their lives defending our freedom.
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    I saw that too-how very fitting/true. BF is Active duty Army and just got back from Afghanistan this past weekend to his post in GER, and will be flying over here for the Christmas holidays, and I can't wait. I've had several family members who served/still serve, so this is always a day that is close to my heart.

    late Grandfather-MSgt Army Air Force, then USAF
    late Grandfather-Sgt USMC
    late Uncle-LtCol USAF
    Father-MSgt USAF/Air National Guard
    Brother-SrA-Air National Guard

    and many others who have been in the Navy & Army.

    Thank you to all the vets-current, prior, living and deceased.
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    Worry, doubt, fear and despair are the enemies which slowly bring us down to the ground and turn us to dust before we die.

    ~ Douglas MacArthur

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    Definitely fitting. Thanks for posting.

    In our house, all 3 of the adults have served -- US Army, USAF and Army Reserves. My brother is a LtCol in Montana (air force). Have a cousin on his 3rd trip to the sandbox (army), a BIL who's done one and facing anotehr in May (army). Dad retired USAF Reserves. All 5 uncles were in the army at one point or another (including the one I lost a few years ago who did 2 tours in Nam). Grandfather was enlisted army in WWII. Great uncle was army in WWI.

    Tonight we're having an "Indian Summer Party" as it's warm enough to gather without freezing in the bar (which is on teh 2nd floor of our barn). Have a feeling a few glasses will be raised to the Vets.
    "Of course it's hard. It's supposed to be hard. It's the Hard that makes it great."

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    THANK YOU to all the veterans and every member of our armed forces. I never take for granted the sacrifices you have made for our freedom.

    I thank and remember all members of our armed forces (past, present, and future) on Veteran's Day, and I especially remember:

    My late grandfather, a WWII Army veteran with 2 purple hearts
    My late uncle, a career Navy man and Vietnam war veteran with a purple heart
    My late uncle, a retired Marine and Vietnam War veteran
    My uncle, retired Army and Vietnam War veteran
    My father, retired National Guard
    My dear family friend and neighbor, a WWII Marine hero (who was featured in the HBO series The Pacific)

    My eternal gratitude to all who serve, have served, and will serve.

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    Jul. 3, 2007


    dani- Mine too ( both a veteran and Marine) he really wants the new Black-ops game lol , yours too ??

    Yelled at me last night for not getting it for him, what he didnt know was it was going to be a Christmas present , so I guess an early one will work !
    Ride it like you stole it....ohhh sh*t

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    Default Thank You Veterans!

    Happy Veterans Day and thank you to those who bravely protected this country and our freedoms!

    Family who has served:
    Father: Marines & retired Army Reserves after 30 years of service
    Brothers: Navy and Army vets (talk about rivalry in our household!)
    Aunt: Army nurse

    And a Special Thank you to my Stepson, Jeremy, a Decorated Army Vet, a field medic who served in the Triangle of Death in the Iraq war twice, wounded both times (shot by sniper while protecting and stabilizing a wounded soldier, and shrapnel wounds from a car bomb that was driven into the med center). We love you!

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    I grew up in France where Nov. 11 is a holiday. Each Nov. 11, I would go to the cenotaph, first with my parents, then by myself. It was always such a humbling and sad occasion for me. I now live in Canada and I do not go to the cenotaph. My husband is there now though, in memory of his Dad (who was a radio man but never went overseas) and his uncle who flew bombardier, was shot down over the Netherlands and managed to make it back to England. His Dad is gone, but his uncle is still around.

    I lived in Reims, France, where WWII armistice was signed (actually in a room in my brother's highschool) and not far from Compi├Ęgne where WWI armistice was signed in a train car. I visited both places.

    Today, as every November 11, we observe TWO minutes of silence at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. And, I will remember all the men and women who fought and are still fighting for freedom somewhere in the world.

    I remember one year being at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto when the two minutes of silence occured. Everyone stopped and stood still, except for a few cows who kept mooing.

    Thank you veterans from all countries!

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