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    Default Ulcer symptoms; do they "act up" with stress

    I have a six year old WB/TB gelding, who is a quiet superstar at home. He has plenty of pasture time, forage based diet, etc. But he gets tense and worried away from home, and becomes spooky and lacking in focus. He has been going to little shows for two years, and is sometimes better sometimes worse. He has always has good rides with pros and good experiences, and has not been scared or pushed. IMO, he is not progressing as well as he should. I am investigating all physical issues, and am wondering about ulcers. At the last show, he got in my trailer calm and happy as a clam, and came out pawing and twitchy, to a place he has been to and liked before. Could a 1 1/2 hour trailer ride cause stomach acid to flare up that fast? Maybe because he has no hay or grass during that time? I guess I can try a hay bag in his trailer.

    If a horse has them, can they be sort of latent or painless, and then "act up" quickly only if the horse becomes worried or stressed? Could he be completely symptomless at home where he is happy and content, and then have pain when he leaves home?

    Anyone have experience with this? I guess I could try scoping and ulcer medication as a test, but it is expensive, so I thought I'd ask. Most discussions on this forum seem to involve horses that are symptomatic all the time.
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    Yes, absolutely. that's exactly what Ulcergard is supposed to do -- prevent ulcers -- rather than treat. Of course, it's the same drug, but marketed and administered differently.

    Generally speaking, start Ulcergard at the stated amount i.e. 1/4 tube the day before any kind of shipping, showing or other stress. Continue with that amount each day of the stress and for one or two days after just to be sure.

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    Yes...sounds exactly like what my horse did. His main symptom was behavior in hand/under saddle. He would be fine one day, a total lunatic the next who thought the ground was going to eat him.

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