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    Red face Knox update.. and some things never cease to amaze me

    So after 2 cancelled vet appointments last week (he was "too busy") we switched to a more catering vet and hauled to the clinic this afternoon for our check up, shots, and what I assumed - silly me - was a routine teeth floating and sheath cleaning.

    Knox, the ever trooper he is loaded up with witch mare in tow and went through the motions. To my new vets horror, something he described as "OMG that's the worse I've ever seen." He rounded up the other vet techs and assistants to marvel in my new horses mouth. And then took a picture. No, not hooks, nor an abcess. Poor baby Knox has apparently lost a bottom molar long ago and had not had his teeth done since. His corresponding upper molar was OVER AN INCH longer than the others. He couldn't even put this other teeth together when his jaw was closed and the one was simply just constantly resting and chewing on raw gum.

    Wonderful Mr. Vet rolled up his sleeve and went to work, 30 minutes and 2 completely worn rasps later Knox has a full set of round flat teeth, minus one. He estimated he had been suffering like this for 6-8 years. He also explained that since the rest of his teeth could not meet properly he was likely not able to eat properly from anywhere from 3-4 years. He said he will be a brand new horse and will chunk up exponentially in the coming weeks.

    Thank goodness we've been soaking his feed this whole time!! I wish I had taken a picture but I was nearly in tears rubbing his head for all the suffering he must have went through. He insisted I bring him back for a check up and gave me a hug for doing what I did for Knox.

    And again... Some people should not own horses AT ALL!! New pictures will be up soon!
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    So glad you got him sorted out. The only thing I'd add...some vets shouldn't be vets. My former vet 'did' my horses teeth every year. After 3-4 yrs, one horse developed an issue in his mouth, she diagnosed him with a root infection. She called in a second opinion. Second opinion vet looked in my horse's mouth and cussed a blue streak. My horse had a terrible wave mouth, ulcerated cheeks on both sides, just a HOT MESS. ALL he needed was a vet who knows his fanny from a hole in the ground. Horse had never once offered a complaint or issue. Hello, new vet. Goodbye, no good useless vet. She's closer, she's friendly. She's just incompetent.

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