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    Jun. 9, 2003

    Default Dog hot spots, itching

    Is anyone having problems with little bumps, itching and becoming sore/hot spots on your dogs? Someone on another board is having these issues and the dog is current on the flea tx and gets a good diet of kibble w/o corn, etc. I know it could be an allergy, but do dogs get any kind of parasite under the skin as horses can with threadworms? It just sounded so similar. Any suggestions? TIA

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    excalibar54 Guest

    Default Dog hot spots, itching

    Wash the dog in dishsoap - it removes the oils especially if they are allergic to something. Also to heal the hot spots use listerine mouthwash.

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    Jul. 14, 2003
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    If you can find some,, try Columbia Veterinary Powder. KVVet sells it. It comes ina container similar to baby powder. Besides KVVet,, I've only seen it on the shelf of an old time farm and tack shop in Maine. I used it on my dearly departed GSP who had a sore that she kept open fro months, and nothing we did ( bandages,, halo, tranqs,, etc)worked until that. It contains boric acid, has no steroids, and is just a nice, soothing powder that humans can use for poison ivy( oak, etc) or bug bites, sunburn- whatever. If it's a hot spot that has just become a habit it might help.

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    Happy Jack makes some stuff called sulfadene. It worked on my constantly itching and hot spotty dog. dried the hot spot up and she didn't lick. It smells nasty and probably tastes nasty too.
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    Gentocin Spray is your friend.
    If you want to try a home remedy, wet compresses with tea bags.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vineyridge View Post
    Happy Jack makes some stuff called sulfadene. It worked on my constantly itching and hot spotty dog. dried the hot spot up and she didn't lick. It smells nasty and probably tastes nasty too.
    I second the recommendation for Sulfodene. You can buy it at Petsmart or a similar store and it *works.*

    My old dog used to get hot spots every summer and I spent a small fortune at the vet trying to resolve it; he was miserable until a friend recommended this stuff. It cleared the problem up quickly and inexpensively. Great stuff.
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    Check the protein level in the feed. My 3 terriers had horrible hot spots and itching last summer. I tried everything. Just happened across some information from an acquaintance suggesting that "some" dogs can't take the high protein that is present in many kibbles today. Switched to a good quality feed that is under 20% and they have been itch free ever since. Another thing I did was to stop using the powdered room freshner that you sprinkle over the carpet before vacuuming. It just seemed to me that it might be adding to the issue. Hope your friend finds some relief for her guy. It is so miserable for doggy and owner alike.

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