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    Aug. 13, 2009

    Default Help me with stallion pick!!!!

    So, I would love to hear some stallion ideas for 2 of my girls.

    Girl1 needs an uphill leggy type with great shoulder. Need a stallion siutable for producing ammie friendly jumping types as well. No Acord blood since she is sired by one.

    Girl2 is very very fancy TB hunter who has a nice show record. Want to breed this one for a filly to keep in my breeding program. Would like to throw some amazing movement in this one and I'm not opposed to some dressage blood as long as he can throw a jump too. I know they are out there!! This mare is a hack winner herself, just want something over the top fancy. I love the "R" line like Rosenthal and Rubignon.

    Would love to hear thoughts and suggestions. I'm sure you guys can come up with fellas I wouldn't think to check out or have never even seen!!!

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    Feb. 23, 2003
    Roswell GA


    For Girl1, I would recommend Foxdale Farm's Gatsby. We have used him to add leg to 2 of our mares [Winningconvictions & Ninety Deniro] and also to add a stronger, more uphill topline to one of those two [Winningconvictions]. We have 3 foals buy him - Global News [o/o Ninety Deniro], Game Point & Gabilan [both o/o Winningconvictions]. Check them out on our website. Conf. shots of mares are on there also.

    Also look at Coromino. I really liked his cross with Ninety Deniro [Coroniro on our website].
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    Oct. 6, 2004


    How bout Metall or Stalypso for are Mare #1 for loads of leg and uphill carriage.

    I really like Westporte and Romantic Star for Mare #2...lovely movement.
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    Apr. 13, 2005


    How about Cunningham for mare 1? I know a Metall that is very spicy - nice horse - but I'm not sure I'd suggest him based on my experience with this one gelding. Yes, just one, but it's enough Livello looks nice but he has Ahorn in there so you'd have to look at that pedigree.

    Cabalito has thrown some lovely movers that also seem to jump well You could also try Balou du Rouet - he is very elastic and could give you that extra wow factor - in the jump too Stedinger is an interesting option...totally outside the box but I've liked this stallion for quite a while. Quite possibly far too much knee but he shouldn't kill the jump. Sir Gregory is another one that looks like an absolute pleasure to ride - and has nice shoulder freedom - but I know nothing of his jump - just throwing the name out there for you to investigate. Davignport is a lovely mover as well. Those are my general suggestions of the day

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    Nov. 9, 2006
    Finger Lakes Region of NY


    I personally love Redwine and maybe he would work for you with Girl2. He has some older offspring who are in Germany and boy do they look fancy. His oldest offspring in the US are not yet under saddle. He is doing hunters here but did dressage/jumping in Germany. He is (obviously ) from the R line. He seems to produce some nice babies. He is EVA positive so you'd have to vaccinate but maybe it's worth it.

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    Aug. 13, 2009


    Thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming!! There are some that I had not heard of so far that I will be checking out.

    Grayfox, I did not realize Redwine was from the "R" line(duh, he looks the part!). I don't know that much about the whole EVA thing, but his babies are gorgeous and he would be a nice match for my TB. I am looking to make her broodie replacement so would the EVA thing be something I'd have to worry about in a filly that I would be using for breeding by him?

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    No worries with the EVA. Just vaccinate the mare and you're good to go. Mare's can't be carriers and any foal that they had wouldn't be carriers or have EVA. Good luck with your search, you've gotten some great suggestions. Home of Redwine, Aloha, Federalist, Romantic Star and Rated R.

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    May. 25, 2008
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    Mannhattan added lots of leg to my filly this year and an AMAZING temperment!

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    Jan. 2, 2006


    How about Oskar II for your first mare


    EH Connery for the second, or his son Imperio

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    Mar. 27, 2008


    Quote Originally Posted by mlranchtx View Post
    Mannhattan added lots of leg to my filly this year and an AMAZING temperment!
    I would agree. I have a weanling and a yearling by Manhattan -- full brothers. Both have great temperments and they both already show a great love (and natural skill) of jumping.

    I would also like to recommend Richard. Looks like you are located in Florida, I would be happy to show him and some of his offspring to you if you are up our way. He would be appropriate for either of your mares.
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