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    Default Spin off Breeders Debate

    Revisiting the Debate thread has me thinking about whether people make arrangements for the care/dispersal of their horses, if they (the owner) should suddenly die. We have horses from weanlings through retirees in their mid to late 20's. I have a codicil to my will which defines what to do with the horses in the event of my death. Some, like the retirees, are to be euthanized because I have owned them all their lives and would not want them to go somewhere were they would not receive great care. Some will be sent to friends who want them and have agreed to care for them. Some will go to a dispersal sale.

    What do you do think about this? What kind of plans have you made? How often do you update your plan? I would be interested in hearing other people's plans and experiences.

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    Default good question and a tough one for me.

    This is a good question. I'm a single gal with no plans of marrying in the near future after the last mess of a marriage. My mother is afraid of horses, so it's not possible that she gets them. I want them to be in good hands, which is much more important than selling them and giving my family the purchase price. I also don't want them lost in the mix...I want to ensure each of them will go to a good home that will utilize their talents, one being meant for dressage, the other a potential A circuit large pony and the last being a broodie. What do I do with them?? This has been on my mind a lot lately since I work in a somewhat "hostile" environment. I guess I could have them revert to their breeders, but I also don't know if I would want them to be resold...I know I'm being difficult...ugh, just a lot to think about. I just want the best for my boys and girl.
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    Horses, dogs & cats.

    There are contact names & numbers for short term--care & feeding, the hay guy etc.,

    And then contacts of people who can get in touch with my wider circle of aquaintences, via 'net.

    There are designated people to help place the horses.

    My Old Girl was to be euthed, but I had to put her down last fall.

    There are provisions for tack going to special programs etc.

    I always have emergency instructions updated on the desktop of my computer, because my job is one where I might not come home. But truly, the odds of my being killed in the line of duty are only slightly higher than the odds of ANYONE dying suddenly in a car crash or being hit by a bus etc.

    Lives change in a heartbeat. I would hate for my farm to be an additional burden to my family should something happen to me. I also have instructions for the horses to be given for free to deserving students/riders whenever possible, and people who know my desires and will carry them out.
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