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    Apr. 15, 2010

    Default Palomino baby color change... when!!? lol

    My mare had a palomino baby. He was born the creamy color and was a nice gold color when he was wet at birth. He has a lot of brothers and sisters on the ground out of the stud, so I know he's going to change color. LOL But when! How long does it take? Months? A year or two?? He started shedding out the muzzle and around the eyes right after he was born. He's out in pasture with his mama now, and they're miles away, so I can't go see him. It sux, but it's best for them.

    Anyway, has anybody got pics of their palomino and the color changes?

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    Got my palomino as a coming 3 year old. From the pics I saw she was very pale as a yearling. When I got her, her winter coat almost made her look cremello. She shed out pretty dark and dappled that spring.

    As a four year old she shed out VERY dark and almost looks liver chestnut.

    Then after that she is some variety of dark golden/sooty palomino every year. Every spring it's a surprise to see what color she'll be.
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    Look at the color of the eyelashes of your palomino foal. That color will be the body color. As for how long to shed out foal hair, I wouldn't know. In '07 I clipped my foal when he was 4 months old to get rid of that nasty coat and keep him cooler.

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    Between 3 and 5 years of age you'll finally know what you are getting shade wise

    Each winter they get light and then each spring they shed out a darker stage and then finally by 3-5 years of age what you see in the spring is what you are going to get going forward ...

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