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    Default Anyone ever had a wide excision/partial amputation of a toe?

    Doctor's appointment yesterday. The nonhealing sore on my foot (no, I don't have diabetes) is actually some kind of tumor. Hopefully benign but doc wasn't sure. He's a board-certified foot surgeon, and he said this is none of the usual foot suspects. He definitely wanted surgery ASAP, pathology on it, and excision with wide margins. He drew it out yesterday with a pen, and he definitely means WIDE margins. He said at best, I'm going to lose at least half of the toe. I'd rather have him take as much as he wants now than redo after the lab comes back. Surgery next Wednesday.

    So my horse-related question is, if you horse, and particularly in terms of home chores, how much did losing a toe or a hefty chunk thereof impede your mobility and chores? I have a high pain tolerance, but I realize I do need to be stable on my feet to do much around the critters. How much and how long was the acute phase? I'd love to be doing chores as usual, albeit a little slower, the next morning. Horses are on pasture, making them a little lower maintenance. My father, on the other hand, would love to bring crutches and move in to hold my hand and feed me chicken soup while I remain absolutely motionless with foot up until it's completely healed. I have a feeling the time frame of reality will be in between those two, hopefully tilting to my side.

    It is not the big toe, at least. The doc said that's the only one that's really going to affect balance if lost once things are healed. But he isn't horsey and has no active farm frame of reference.

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    Can you find a doctor that does Mohs surgery? The surgeon has to also be a pathologist.
    I had a large growth on my upper back/shoulder area. The dermatologists wanted to take as little tissue as possible.
    He took out the growth and what he thought were clear margins. He then did a freeze biopsy while I waited and before he closed me up. He saw some abnormal cells so removed a bit more and then biopsied the next clear margin area. That was clear so he closed me up.
    This may be an option so that the doctor makes sure he removes everything abnormal the first time without removing too much.

    I am not sure if Mohs would be applicable in your case or not.

    A friend had a basal cell growth removed off her face and the doctor didn't do Mohs. When they sent off the biopsy it showed he hadn't taken enough and she had to have surgery again 3 weeks after the first one.

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