Hi all,

Crossposting here from my thread on Off Course ( http://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/sh...=1#post4941896 ) in the hopes that those of you more current to the game can help me out.

Short and sweet, I'm finally getting back into riding after a complete 8yr hiatus. Needed new boots, so for now, have those Ariat riding sneakers. This pair of AFO's (and therefore shoes) wider than the last, and my instructor wants me in wider irons (5") for safety. Have discovered that 5" peacocks are both near-impossible to find, and perhaps not my best option re: safety. I can't reliably kick out off my stirrups in the event of a lawn-dart episode, and would prefer my body remain intact.

Can some of you who've been classified help me out as to exactly what kinds of stirrups are allowed, or can get dispensations? Obviously Peacocks, and Devonshires (not interested), but what about more subtle safety stirrups, like Foot-Free, Kwik-Out, the Mountain Horse system, MDC, etc?? I know there's information out there somewhere, but my connections in this realm are too rusty to really know where to look.

Options, experiences...?? I have just under 10 days to fix this, and it's driving me batty.