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    Default Horse show food recipes

    I'm looking for recipes for "cooler food" to take along to a horse show. I'd like something other than peanut butter and jelly, something that will travel well and not go bad if kept in a chilled, closed cooler for a day or two. Of course, non-cooler food ideas also appreciated. Tasty fruit drink suggestions also welcome. Thanks!
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    Default Pasta

    pasta salad!
    but, use an olive oil based dressing with pasta, veggies and whatever else you like. I do put feta in mine too. It's been a show favorite of mine for years and I've yet to die of food poisoning..haha

    the dressing I use is
    olive oil
    parm chesse
    a spoonful of dijon mustard
    dash of vinegar, red wine
    dash of lemon juice, very important
    and whatever spices you want and other flavors

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    I guess I'm incredibly lazy because if I pack horse show food I usually keep it pretty simple/ basic... and I like to have food that I don't have to worry about eating w/ utensils... so

    Grapes- perfect
    Lunchables (they come in a variety of choices ham, turkey - some come w/ fruit juice etc

    Or if Lunchables aren't on sale - I make "sliders" I'll get a back of parkerhouse or potato rolls and make ham & cheese sandwiches- any smoked meat like ham or smoked turkey will be okay in a cooler... or I'm a huge fan of those tomato, mozzarella, basil sandwiches - those would stay good.

    the other thing I keep in my cooler are those face cleansing clothes - the ones you don't need to rinse off. Ponds makes one w/ Cucumber - keep them in the cooler and boy it's the best when you are hot sticky and gross.

    I freeze a couple of water bottles too - that way I always have cold water and keeps the cooler cool as well

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    I asked the same thing years ago. Heres a few I rember:

    Take a tortilla, smooth on cream cheese any flavor. Add meat/cheese, roll. Slice. Put in water proof container and take with ya.

    Melon/strawberry/grapes are good. DD has found apples/PB are really good.

    I put rags in the cooler. As te ice melts it makes a cool cloth for neck/head/face/arms.
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    I like the mini potato rolls and then make either ham salad or chicken salad and put some on the rolls. Place in a tupperware container and they stay well in the cooler. I just made a new chicken salad recipe based on a salad I had at a restaurant. I bought a small roasted chicken at grocery store, pulled meat off bones and chopped up. Added some red onion, celery, apple and dried cherries. (the restaurant salad had craisins). I mixed some mayo and miracle whip as the dressing. You could also use the salad with crackers. I like grapes, cherries, sliced apples, cheese chunks, chunked fresh pineapple. I also like sliced veggies with ranch or bluecheese dressing to dip.

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    I love to bring semi-gourmet stuff, to make it more of a treat if I can. Plus, that tends to keep it healthy too.

    One of my faves is a container of grape tomatoes, and a container of mozzerella cheese balls in oil/spices. If there's time, I slice each in half and sit and eat on a plate. If time is tight, throw a handful of each in a bowl or cup and eat on the run.

    I like to bring nuts, to have something crunchy and salty when the fries or potato chips are calling my name.

    Hummus keeps pretty well, hummus and veggies or (my fave) on pretzel crisps.

    I love to have good apples on hand. Refreshing and filling. Add some almond butter or cashew butter for a different spin and better fat/more fiber than peanut butter. Nutella is a fun choice if you can do sweets.
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    I have a sandwich I make that everyone loves and we call it the Horse Show Sandwich. It's a bagel with pepperoni, salami, provolone, cheddar, and mustard. It's delicious! If you want to make it really fancy put some herb cheese spread on it. I also recommend pasta salad and wheat thins/triscuits and hummus. Oh, and don't forget the beer!!

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