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    Jan. 17, 2008
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    Default Don't count Guineas before they hatch!

    My two guineas hens started laying eggs under out mounting block about a month ago. I collected a dozen eggs for a friend's hen to hatch for me....Before I could collect the rest of the eggs, Miss Guinea Hen decided to sit on her large clutch of eggs!

    I have a couple of options:

    1. Cover her with a "coop".

    2. Collect the eggs and discard them.

    3. Let nature do its thing.

    I am inclined to follow option one. She has been sitting for 7 or so days on 20 or so eggs! I know we have 3 more weeks before there is any sign of hatching.

    I definitely don't want that many guineas keets running around with mamma.

    Is there any interest in free guineas?

    Otherwise, what do I do with so many Keets?

    I know....never let them set again. I am afraid to disturb the nest now. I worry that they will lay elsewhere and we will have this problem all over again.


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    You can always replace them with wooden eggs. They're not particularly bright, mine haven't noticed a difference. Poor Mrs. Kravitz has been sitting on a wooden egg for several weeks.
    They're small hearts.

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    Jan. 17, 2008
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    That is a great idea! I must not be too bright either. I definitely don't want any more guineas or them hiding their nest. Wooden Eggs....brilliant!

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    I am assuming guineas aren't any smarter(dumber?) than chickens.

    My girls sit happily on their wooden eggs (Michael's Crafts $.69 ea) & lay right beside them.
    When I removed a real egg and dislodged the fake, the sitting hen gave me a dirty look and carefully rolled the fake back beneath her.
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    Why not let her hatch this set of eggs, and put an add on craig's list (or something like) to place the chicks?
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