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    Oct. 25, 2009

    Default grrrr! mane chewers

    hi everyone...

    SORRY!i know this would be better in the horse care section,but wanted h/j opinions.

    i went to go do a grooming session with my horse yesterday and to my disbelief i saw my horses mane has been chewed to bits by other pasture mates.i have never had to deal with this horse has a thin mane to begin with and now its going to take some work to get it back.anyways i know this has been posted before in the past,but should i roach mane and start over,then when i starts to grow back get a mane tamer/or sleazy hood to train it?or should i fix it the best i can and do the waiting game?
    not quite sure what roached mane would look like on him.

    NO PICS.
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    Mar. 5, 2009


    I am SO sorry It is hard to tell w/o pictures just how bad it is. If there is still some "long" mane, my instinct would be to put him in training braids & turn him out in a hood.

    Good Luck!!

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    Jan. 16, 2008


    I had a similar problem and did end up roaching the mane in November/December. I don't do any big shows, just the occasional schooling event and local shows. Her mane is now long enough to braid/band and fell to the correct side on its own. I did use MTG all winter.

    Here are two pictures from this spring.

    And from when I first roached it. I cut it with scissors then used clippers to go right down.
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    I wouldn't roach it. It's not going to make the rest fill in any faster, and you might as well make the best of what you have left.

    I *would* probably shorten the remaining mane somewhat - to a length that encourages it to lay flat, but no longer. Then you just have to wait it out a bit, until the re-growth comes in and fills in the gaps.

    It's really not that much different from dealing with the rubs that a lot of horses get from blankets over the winter... my horse has a section at the base of his mane that is looking pretty straggly right now, but in a month or two it will be fine. Bet yours will be the same.
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