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    Default Silly Questions re:CH & CL?

    What do these intitials stand for and can you give more information on the terms as they relate to the breeding cycle and A.I.?

    Currently I have two mares that I am breeding "on a budget". Several years ago I bred one, but she stayed at the breeders, so I had minimal involvement.

    This year I have both at home and am trailering back and forth to the vet for teasing and ultrasounding.

    Long story short -

    Case 1: Maiden mare had a 35mm follicle last monday that did not progress. She was given a "shot" on Friday and I took her home for the weekend. Brought her back this morning and was told she had at least 2- 25mm follicles and the vet wanted to keep her and hopefully call for shipment of semen on Wednesday (collection day).

    Case 2: Other Mare was ultrasounded today and had either a CH or CL. Vet said, take her home and gave me a Lutalayse shot to give her on Friday and bring her back on Monday morning to check and hopefully call for semen.

    Additional information: Monday-Wednesday-Friday are collection/shipment days for both stallions.

    I am new to this, but not new to horses. I have been riding and training for over 40 years. These are well broke and well conformed mares that have been ridden and shown. I am breeding to excellent stallions with good reputations, so please don't perceive me as a backyard breeder, I am just a rookie at all this.

    The vet is just around the corner (literally), however he is very busy, as you can imagine, and it is difficult for me to get any real quality time out of him to "hold my hand" through this process. He seems very competent and has lots of experience. Any information from this board is appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SillyMe View Post
    What do these intitials stand for and can you give more information on the terms as they relate to the breeding cycle and A.I.?
    Once the ovulated follicle is evacuated it fills with blood and may form a Corpus Hemorrhagicum (CH); The blood-filled remnants of the CH may appear as a black center in a CL upon ultrasonic evaluation. Within four or five days the CH fully transforms into a Corpus Luteum (CL), which is yellow in colour and is sometimes referred to as the “yellow body”.

    Good luck! Now offering one on one customized training!
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