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Hi Cathy!!
I realize that trying to get rid of anything these days is very difficult but I have my back to the wall and have to do something. I just can't afford to feed all 7 of mine anymore.

Anyway, they are full sisters - app x th. I have the stallion, who is now a wonderful gelding!! I lost the mare to west nile when the youngest one, Montana, was 5 months old (not fun having an orphan on your hands). Laramie is 10 yrs old - white as snow and stands 15.3 hands. She tied up 2 years ago (thanks to idiots shooting semi-automatics off on New years eve) and was actually not expected to live, but here she is. The vet said she would be ok for light riding but I have only ridden her once since that happened...just don't trust it. I would say she would be only for a companion horse. She is a bit on the nervous side and would be fine on 24\7 turnout as I don't stall mine.
Her little sister, Montana, is a very light sorrel (almost like the color of strawberry\blond) and she also stands 15.3. She needs a job bad!! Her brain is very active and is much better behaved when worked with on a daily basis. She has developed some aggressive behavior (I think only due to being bored and wanting attention). Mark and I have actually spent a great amount of time getting her to the point of loading in a trailer (we have it down to a science) but on the trails, she does fine. She is still green on the trails but with time, should be ok. She had a history of getting an impaction every year but knock on wood, this year has not. The vet recommended that I wet her food and feed her more times a day in smaller quantities, which I have done faithfully since then. She seems to be doing much better like this!! I also put salt in her food every day to keep her drinking. She also needs a blanket in the winter - she doesn't get much hair. Sounds strange to write but she is the only horse I have every blanketed in my life.
I broke both of these horses, but as I said, I wouldn't think Laramie would be suitable for riding even though the vet said ok. Montana is very agile and light on the mouth. She has very smooth gaits and can move out. She can jump - her mother was a hunter\jumper (a Wap Spots mare - if you are familiar with the App line).
Both horses are at my place in Abbottstown and could be delivered within a reasonable mile radius. Both would be free but to good homes ONLY and that is a must!! I have raised both these girls and it is very hard to let them go.
You can pictures of Montana and Laramie at

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