Thanks in advance for the advice guys. I have only found one tack store in norcal with hunt coats and frankly i'm not sure they aren't just black show coats - they're also $600.

So, I'm sending back the giant long 16 ovation melton that was inexpensive on eBay and the enormous i-dont-even-recall what size vest i incorrectly ordered...

this one costs more but looks right

RJ Classics, 14L 400G Black melton Wool Single vent and all that...

1. I know it will fit but is 400G VERY heavy? I am in California and it's just not that cold.

2. Also, is the coat supposed to be much longer than a show hunt coat? I was surprised at how long the ovation was and have read that a frock is reserved for hunt riders with colors.

3. Finally, if i'm a 14 - what is my vest size?