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    Aug. 28, 2002
    Ontario, Canada


    Willem, thank you thank you. I'm so glad we have the smiling through tears emoticon.

    That was absolutely gorgeous. You make it all so much less scary.

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    Sep. 23, 2002
    USCTA Area 2


    Hi Again Willem, Oliver & Coreene,
    I'm bunping your message back up to the top, where it belongs. We all need to hear it.
    Loff Ya!
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying "I will try again tomorrow" -Mary Ann Radmacher

    Wearing a helmet saved my eyesight

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    Jan. 1, 2002
    Harford County, Maryland, USA


    Oh, Willem....the peeps here are crying, but with the sadness of understanding and love. Thank you for your lovely message, and give my own Stirling a hug for me. *sniffle*

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    Dec. 13, 2001
    Nein, keiner autographs!


    Der Bridge wot it don't nott to be scary. This wot it be Heaven. Like wenn we haff sayed "Oh mein Gott in Himmel," this it be Himmel.

    Some times we still go und watch der fireworks von Disneyland though. We loff this.

    So please don't nott to be scared and worried a-bout us no more. We loff you, we loff you, we loff you, und you don't nott to haff to worrie iffen we be here for you, becose we be here.

    I haff splained die little bit a-bout der Rainbow Bridge for you so you don't nott to be so sad no more. We unnerstan that you still haff to cry und your heart wot it be broken becose your friend they be gone, but I haff feeled it be muy importante to tell you that we don't nott to be gone.

    Feel your heart, we be right there.

    Loff Willem.
    I haff sayed this be fore, I be ein German horse und this it be straight from mein mouth.

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    Nov. 24, 2004


    Hi I'm new and confused. Is someone posting for their dead horse?

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    Oct. 24, 2002
    NW IL


    Ah Willem, you wonderful red horse! You boys at the bridge certainly do keep your hooves right on the pulses of our lives, don't you?

    Today of all days I find this thread. Today I was finally able fill part of the empty spot left in my heart when my beloved Vegas joined you at the Bridge in April. But then you and he would have known that already as he surely guided me toward this big red mare. He must think Classy is quite the foxy girl. He always did love red mares!

    Veg, you remind me on a very regular basis that you are still part of my life. You've sent herons to visit me at the most interesting times. And our song comes on the radio at just the right moments. I'm already laughing at Classy's antics, Veggers. You've instructed her well!

    My tears are finally no longer from grief, my angel, but tears of joy. I am thankful for the all too short time you shared my life, that you taught me well and I can feel you still.

    Thank you Willem for the reminder to keep smiling through our tears!

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    Nov. 28, 2000
    Still in Hope


    I'm sitting here crying my eyes out,nose running, and no kleenex.. my pyjama top will just have to do..
    It has been a bad year here,last December my precious Lucy, and then beautiful gentle Emma, big fat Flaire mare, and the exquisite Pearl.
    When one goes, as they take their last breath, I feel a part of my soul goes with them....

    'the years they grow long , and the winters grow cold/ and horses, like men, can do naught but grow old..."

    can someone quote me again the beautiful poem about the racehorses, running in their pasture... I need to get that framed.
    thank you Willem and Coreene.. my poor old heart is still breaking.
    A Fine Romance. April 1991 - June 2016. Loved forever.

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    Sep. 13, 2000


    I cant read this whole thing cause I am at work, and I am already crying. Thank you! The one thing you said that choked me up. Was we will all be waiting here when you come! My husband years ago when I had to put my beloved mare down said dont worry Kim It will seem like an instant in time to hewr. someday when you go, she will raise her head up from the green pastures to see you and will run to you. it will be like you were never apart! I never knew the man had it in him!

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    Mar. 19, 2004
    Earlysville, VA


    \"Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.\" Anne of Green Gables

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    Oct. 21, 1999
    Rochester, NY


    Guys, I'm closing this thread at the request of Willem, who only intended a brief visit, and who wants to remind you all that the Rainbow Bridge is a happy place, not sad at all.

    Bless you Willem for the love and hope you give us all.

    “When our dictator turns up you can depend on it that he will be one of the boys, and he will stand for everything traditionally American.” Dorothy Thompson 1935

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