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    Default Help with dog with itchy ears. Really itchy.

    Her ears have been cleaned by the vet every week. She is getting an ear wash twice a day and has antibacterial and anti-fungal creams as well as oral drugs of both types antibiotic and anti-fungal. She is still itchy. Now she is vomiting and I am sure it is from the drugs. Any success with itchy ears?

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    What are you feeding?

    I've had/seen the most success with diet changes, particularly getting dogs onto grain-free (or at least corn-free) food. (In addition to treating the bacterial and/or fungal infections as you described, obviously.)

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    I also recommend a grain free diet. My Standard Poodle has ear trouble when on foods with grain.

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    As others have said, check the diet. Our dearly departed Lab/Hound had yeast infections in her ears that were hard to control. Clean and tresaderm helped her.We also gave her 2 benadryl ( 25mg) 2 x /day per vet. Ears are tough to diagnosis and treat. Maybe a scraping to check for parasite vs fungal. Good luck.

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    I third (fourth?) the diet. I have a Dane who came to me with itchy ears and skin. Nothing severe, but definitely itchy. A feed distributor recommended that I feed her only dried meat treats--no biscuits, cookies, etc. It has made an amazing difference; her ears are great, and I clean them periodically but not often. She is never itchy anymore, and her coat is gorgeous. The woman explained to me something along the lines of the sugar in these types of treats feeds very slight yeast infections. Don't know how valid that is, but it worked great for me.

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