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    Default Anyone ride in an Abetta Serenity (Trinity) Endurance Saddle - narrow or wide twist??

    Ok, after deciding to purchase a Tucker saddle from Horseloverz, and purchase didn't go well at all,

    I am considering getting an inexpensive Abetta Serenity (formerly called the Trinity) Endurance saddle instead. I have a bad sacroiliac joint, along with back/neck problems and fibro, so am looking for a very comfy, secure saddle. Does this saddle in the regular tree ride WIDE or does it have a narrowish twist? I can't ride in a wide twist or it kills me. That's why I liked the Tucker Plantation saddle...but I'm not spending a fortune to go out and beat up a good leather saddle on the trail, that's why I don't ride in my Schleese's, I save them for the ring.

    How do these saddles fit shorter backed draft crosses? My Gypsy cobx gelding has some withers, and is not too too wide, my Arab/Percheron mare is quite wide and mutton withered, but I've heard the regular tree 6.5-6/75" is quite wide enough. I don't want to get it too wide that it doesn't fit the gelding, as it will be used on him most of the time.

    Also, is the seat in the Serenity rather shallow or deep, once you're sitting on all that memory foam? I like a deep seat, as I don't need to come out of it, if something startles my horse. Any input would be appreciated. I could also just choose to wait and pick up a used Tucker when one comes along....TIA!

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    I cant speak to the Trinity but have been very happy with my Abetta Special Trail with a wide tree--HOWEVER--it was not QUITE wide enough for my mare, who is now fixing to get wider than a Wintec with the Xwide gullet in it....she's a very round racking horse, only 15 hands and she does have withers but wide, oh yeah. Wiiiide.

    I can still use the Abetta on my much narrower gelding, even with just a thinish tacky type pad under it-- gullet is just tall enough to clear his withers, but it does seem to, although I would be happier with a smidge more room. At any rate, so far no problems with it for him. The saddle is comfy for me but I am a wide load myself.

    Both my horse have short, short backs and cannot wear square skirted Western saddles without getting their hips rubbed. The wintec dressage has worked great for Sadie and I dread having to move up to the Wintec Wide since its an AP and I'm not happy with the thought of that flap and her huge shoulders. But I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.

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