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    Default Hair Loss and Loss of Skin Pigmentation?

    Long story short,

    owned horse 5 years (about)
    Nothing new (tack, feed, routine etc)
    No lesions.
    No puss, no bleeding, no redness, no hot spots.
    It doesn't itch, it doesn't hurt.

    Got ringworm, treated it and everything (that would ever touch him), went on vacation, glands went on overdrive turned into seborrehic dermitits, treated that.

    The only problem is now he's bald both sides of his body and underneath, minimal hair growth, but the part that I find weird is his skin pigment is gone. He's a bay, he has black skin, and most of the places he's bald its pinky white, the black skin reoccurs on the edges of his bald spots. It seems to get better and then it gets worse. But he doesn't seem to care, it doesn't itch him, and it doesn't hurt him.

    Vet proclaimed at the beginning of summer "it will grow back", :/ Help?

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    don't mean to bring up an older thread but...

    loss of skin pigmentation can be a sign of copper deficiency. however it could be a sign of other things too. the only sure way to know is blood test.

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