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    Apr. 6, 2004

    Default Chew Proof Dog Bed

    Bella destroyed her bed today

    I made it for her and she's always loved it but with me working full time for the first time I think she gets anxious to get out of her crate and takes it out on her bed.

    I want her to have a soft pad because she's the sort of dog that likes that (as apposed to my parents dogs that looove to lay on the hard cold tile).

    Do you guys have any suggestions for an affordable chew proof dog bed to buy or make? I did a google search and some of the beds were over $150

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    Apr. 2, 2007
    Upstate, NY


    Here's some at a good price

    Orvis is good but price is higher unless you are near one of their outlets.

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    May. 7, 2004
    Linden, CA


    I have yet to find a chew proof bed that my German Shepherd cannot demolish.
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    Jun. 24, 2005


    Take a look at the Kuranda dog beds - many shelters only use these (Best Friends for example). They do have a fleece pad you can put over them as well.

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    Dec. 6, 2000
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    Our puppy chews the zippers and scratches through the fleece covers of nicer beds. Right now, he is on one of my retired Poly Pads and several older polar fleece blankets.... and the couch. So far, so good.

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    Feb. 9, 2006
    ol Virginny


    Duluth Trading has one called the "Scout proof dog bed" .
    I'm going to buy one for my Catahoula that likes to dig at, not chew, her bed.
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    May. 14, 2003
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    No such thing! We tried the Orvis "tough to chew" guaranteed bed and true to their word, when Sunshine the lab/golden cross destroyed his overnight, the very nicely refunded my money. It certainly looked like it would make it, but he started with the zipper and kept on going!
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    Jun. 14, 2006


    Not a bed...but a possible solution...could you hire a neighbor kid to walk her after school? Get a walk in with her in the a.m. before work and another mid afternoon with a neighbor and she might be less destructive.
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    Oct. 20, 2008
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    My pointer mix took years to "earn" back dog bed privileges in his crate when I am away. I bought just about every kind out there. He destroyed just about every kind out there. He has a dog bed, but while I am at work, he goes in the crate with NOTHING because he will destroy it.

    I was more concerned with what he was ingesting than the actual destruction he was causing... Didn't want any trips to the vet because he was blocked up on a piece of foam, fleece or fabric. Now he has a crate pad but not a "bed" and he is 5 years old. Yes, he LOVES to be in a soft bed but he destroys them so I look out for his safety first.

    If you must have a bed for him, try leaving him with two stuffed kongs - one "fresh" and one frozen. That should direct his chewing for a while, or if you can come home at lunch for a walk and to replace the kongs, that would be even better.

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    Nov. 22, 2002


    I LOVE the Kuranda beds. My GSD is a bed eater. He also gets sores on his elbows when he is in his crate (max time he is in there is 3 hrs). I have 2 Kuranda beds in my bedroom for them to sleep on at night, and it dawned on me to put one into his crate. His crate is huge and tall enough and the bed fit perfect! No more sores. And he cannot destroy this bed. One of the kurandas I have is 8 yrs old!!
    They have been through 4 puppies and are not destroyed. HUGE thumbs up!!
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    Oct. 24, 2007



    They are awesome. My Dobie had hers for years, after chewing through every other "chewproof" bed. She loved it.

    My labs love theirs, too.

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    Apr. 17, 2002
    between the barn and the pond


    My English Setter hates his Kuranda. Won't get on it. I added a pad -meh, he'll use it, but he hates it.

    PM me if you want to try one, then LOL

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