I visited SOS Equines in Kennewick yesterday and worked with this recently rescued TB gelding. We cannot get a clear read on the first letter of the tattoo but I am sure this horse was someone's show horse. He has had a lot of handling after the track and has excellent manners. He puts his head down and his ears into a fly mask.

He was saved from slaughter just a few weeks ago. Most likely late teens. I would guess him at 16.0 hands.

Pic: http://sosequines.com/media/photos/618.jpg

You can see pics including the lip here: http://www.soshorses.org/DEF-Horse.asp?hoID=188

He was someone good's horse at one time. He's very snuggly and whinnies for treats. This is a really nice horse who almost slipped through the cracks and I'd love to know his history.