Reg. name is Old Mill Crisco, I called her Crisco and the last name I know she went by was Crissy. She is reg QH, 16.2 bay mare. I had this mare for the first 8 years of her life and had to sell her due to a move in 1992. . Back in 95, one of her owners found me and contacted me to ask questions, let me know where she was. I haven't heard from them since then and no one has kept her registry UTD. Last place of residence known was Youngstown, New York. Last owner known was Renney Tracey.

I just would like to know if she is still alive, if so, how she is doing and give a huge hug to her. She was my heart and soul and I think of her often. Thanks all! Oh--pm me if you know of anything on this mare.