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    Default Best trailer for horse *and* pony?

    Current situation:
    - Trailer: older Brenderup Baron, with butt bars at one height.
    - Horse 1: 16.1hh Trakehner gelding, fits great in the Brenderup, too long to comfortably fit in any slant load I've seen.
    - Horse 2: 14.2hh Norwegian Fjord mare, short enough to get under the Brenderup butt bar (but hasn't figured this out . . . yet), fits just fine otherwise in pretty much any trailer.

    Options I've thought of:
    - Alter the trailer so the butt bar is lower for the Fjord, but that would make it too low for my other horse.
    - Alter just one side to be low enough for the Fjord, but this means it could be the case that I'm hauling just one horse and it's loaded on the right, which I don't want to do.
    - Find a newer Brenderup with butt bars at adjustable heights. Yes, I know they are no longer being sold in the US, but.
    - Find a different trailer altogether - what are the key features I would need to accommodate both horse and pony?

    I really like the lighter-weight trailers that can be pulled by a smaller vehicle. I have access to a full ton diesel for planned trips, but in emergencies I can hook up the Brenderup to my mid-size SUV and go.

    The likelihood that I will be hauling both horses in the trailer at one time is small - the gelding is older and semi-retired, but the Fjord I hope to take to local shows. However, if something happens to the gelding I need to have a trailer he comfortably can fit into.

    Right now I'm leaning towards selling the current Brenderup and finding a newer version with adjustable butt bars or something altogether different (but preferably still light-weight). Budget is a consideration, but for the purposes of this conversation let's pretend budget is not an issue.

    Thoughts, ideas, recommendations? Thanks for your help

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    I'm not familiar with the butt bars on a brenderup, but what I'd suggest is having your trailer altered to have adjustable bars. It probably can be set up so that the bar can be in two different positions by a clever mechanic type.

    I would also not dismiss the idea of altering only one side. Your 16.1 Trak and your Fjord are probably not that dissimilar in weight. It would not be terrible to alter only the left side and then always haul the Fjord on the left, or to make only the left side adjustable. It's also possible and even likely that there's a height that would be tolerable for both.

    Altering the trailer is probably cheaper and easier than trying to locate and buy a replacement, particularly given that Brenderup is no longer available new.
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    Is there some way you can hook a stall chain or something across lower down? The trailer we had when I was a kid had chains instead of bars and we would just make them longer for the ponies by adding double end snaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highflyer View Post
    Is there some way you can hook a stall chain or something across lower down? The trailer we had when I was a kid had chains instead of bars and we would just make them longer for the ponies by adding double end snaps.
    This is a good idea, and possibly the easiest way to make something work. I could do it on both sides which would leave me the flexibility to load either horse on either side. Thank you for the suggestion!

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    Get a 2+1!

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    Just remember that the Brenderup isn't stable without the butt bars in place. So, while you can put a second, lower, butt bar or chain or something up for the pony- you can't do without the main one above it - unless you get the trailer altered so you essentially have adjustable butt bars like the new ones.

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