4yo Registered TB Mare. Dark bay/brown, no white. She sticked at just under 15.1 last week, approx. 920 pounds. She is a little butt high now, so is still growing.

Came in mid Jan with a puncture wound to the left front. Vets were concerned the tendon sheath was damaged. Area was tapped and flushed and she spent 3 nights at the clinic on a heavy dose of meds to discourage infection. 10 days of stall rest and hand walking upon return and light moderated turnout after that. Returned to the vet as she was off at the trot and ultrasound showed a little fluid in the ankle but nothing else as far as they could see. 2 more weeks of moderated turnout and hand walking and cold hosing. On re-check vet said 6 to 8 more weeks. She is still off and the ankle is still puffy. The tendon sheath was not damaged.

The concern is that there may be an old track injury in the same leg/area that was aggravated by the above injury, but, I was advised some tendon injuries take a while to heal and can heal in different ways. At this point its a wait and see. She may be light riding sound, she may be able to lightly jump, she may be perfectly fine, or, she may be pasture sound. At this point she is pasture sound only and does need continued vet care in order to determine the above. She may need to have that area injected with a steroid once or on a regular basis for any heavy work, she may need surgery to snip another tendon that may have healed too tightly. Or, she may just need more time to allow it to heal on its own...

She would make a lovely addition to any breeding program and is small and refined enough for a pony breeding program. Very correct conf. Wonderful attitude and disposition. Loves to be groomed. She is a stall weaver. She seems to only do it at a new location. She has not done it since the first week she arrived. Other than that, no vices. Great feet, is barefoot behind. Before this she was going well under saddle...nice floaty trot, smooth balanced canter. Was trotting poles and small crossrails and learning to canter single poles. She loads fine on a ramp load as was learning to handle a step up, learning about clippers, fly spray, etc. Never offered to buck, kick, bite, etc at all. Is fine around dogs and general barn life. Fine out in turnout with several other horses or by herself.

Again, she could be riding sound or not...at this point we just dont know.

She is free to a good approved home. She is located in N. GA. Please PM or e-mail for additional information.