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    Dec. 12, 2002

    Default I need a Miller's catalog!


    I wish I had a Miller's catalog. Does anyone have one they want to get rid of?

    I find myself reminiscing about it to people who have never seen one.

    So if anyone has one, I'd love to have it!
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    Mar. 29, 2008


    Ha! Those were the best! You just can't describe them well enough to someone who hasn't seen one, can you? I miss those.

    Good luck finding one. And when you do, post pictures.

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    May. 27, 2008


    I've seen them on ebay, believe it or not! I'm sure you can do search. Happy hunting

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    Dec. 2, 2004


    I still have a couple, buried away in some boxes of the old PH, when it was good also. I could not bring myself to throw them away. They were wonderous and dreamy and packed with tips and information and the photos weren't frozen young expressionless models in a pair of new stiff unused boots!
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    Feb. 11, 2005
    Wild Wild West


    A couple of years ago, I bought some old (at least 40 years old) Miller's catalogs on ebay. They are really fun to look through.

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    Jan. 31, 2003
    Southern California

    Default ebay too!!!

    Catalog 110, 1978.
    Brings back LOTS of memories, but it's later than my largest shopping sprees of 1964-1971. Will never forget my "own" in-store personal shopper.
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