A woman at a barn where I board asked me to list this for her!

She is an older woman who really doesn't ride! She had been given Timmy when he was 1 1/2 years old to be a companion for an old horse she had- he horse has since passed on...but she has kept Timmy for the past 5 years!

He is an gorgeous little pony. He stands just under 14 hands and is a seal brown. He has that elegant hackney motion when he trots! He is gelded and was broke as a 2 year old, but has sat for the past fives years as a pasture pet!

He gets along very well with other horses and is turned out with a QH mare, TWH gelding and a mini colt!

He can be rambuctious at times, but that is because the woman doesn't handle him much at all. With some handling and training he could be an awesome horse!

She is only getting rid of him because she wants to start riding again and doesn't have the space for him and a new horse!

He is free to a good home only!

I have her contact information and she can tell you more about him! PM me for details!