Hi all. I am trying to find a home for a 6 yr old retired standardbred gelding. I'd say he's probably 15.2ish, dark bay, doesn't look standardbred at all. Sweet temperment, loves and needs attention. His front tendon sheaths are a bit ugly and I know from someone who knew him while he was racing, that he had an ouchy ankle and stifle at one point. Sound, just stabs a bit at the ground with his, I'd like to say, left front ankle. Sorry, don't remember 100%. Working on getting his feet at the correct length/angles as his trainer just let him sit for so long. When I got him he was at least 3 months over due, very long in the toes, and had thin shoes ingrown into his sole. Surprisingly sound even when we pulled them. Just had his teeth done, will be up to date on vaccines (rabies, and Flu/Rhino) and coggins.

I don't have the time and really didn't want to take him on. When I found out his trainer needed him gone in 2 days or he was going to auction, I couldn't let that happen. I took him to buy him time, but now its really time that he finds a home. Located in lower DE. Registered name is Gryfindor (spelling may be a bit off). Please email me Tenley@aol.com as I don't get on the chronicles as much as I'd like.