If anyone would like a barn cat Forgotten Cats will bring you a couple cats that have been spayed or neutered and show you how to release them slowly so they stay in the area. This process may take about 3 weeks in a crate. You must provide food, water and shelter (the barn is fine) for the cats.

All the cats have been altered, have their rabies shots for the first year, routine shots, they are wormed but they need a place to be released. Some are friendlier than others.

I fostered a cat that I slept with every night and she was so sweet and greeted me very affectionately but also she's independent. However because she's not happy at the adoption center now and gets nasty there it will be more difficult to adopt her out as a house pet. They are considering offering her for free as a barn cat. She would be a wonderful cat for both in and out of the house and barn, but she doesn't like other pets. She just likes people. She is so unusual looking, like a Persian who got pregnant by an ally cat. She has crossed green eyes and a pug face, LOL and she's a striped tabby, they said she's brown striped, looks grey to me but I don't know the technical color descriptions. I could probably talk them into giving her to the right home. She really should be free to come into the house too but I think she'd enjoy being outside.


This is the organization that has the cats.