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  1. It's Getting Harder to Distinguish a Virtual Horse from a Real Horse

    Pretty realistic! :yes:
  2. How Did This Rider and Horse Not Kill Each Other??

    What??!! The horse comes down on the rider twice and the rider stays on. :eek:
  3. I'm Surprised This Cat Didn't Get Ejected Into Space!

    Claws and biting and this baby horse does nothing! :eek:
  4. The Bell Rings, You Enter at A, and Then . . .

    I'm betting this was a new one for the rider and the judge. :lol:
  5. What Theme Music Would You Use for This Awards Presentation?

    I'm sure you will think of several. :yes:
  6. News Video: Rescued "Big Pat" Gets New Hope and Restored Vision

    The vets at New Bolton giving "Big Pat" a better life.
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    $150. Silk.

    $150. Silk.
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    Who Knew Bandanas Were So Hot?

    Makes you want to run out and buy one, right? ;) Filmed with the Bartabas horses/riders at Versailles.
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    Mechanical surge brakes. Never have this...

    Mechanical surge brakes. Never have this problem. The Europeans know this.
  10. Meet The Chilean Cavalry Cheerleader Squad

    Taking it to a new level. :yes:
  11. This is How You Promote an Equine Program

    Well done! :yes:
  12. Flirting on Horseback - Dressage Style

    Taking dressage to a new level. :yes: I'll take both of those horses!
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    Need a Smile Today?

    This video compilation of goats and horses should do it!
  14. From Horse Accident Paralysis to Back in the Saddle

    Look at the smile on her face after two years of recovery from a major horse accident that left her paralyzed. An inspiration for us all. :yes:

  15. New Expedia Commercial - "Horse Whisperer"

  16. News Video: Owner Finds Four Horses Shot and Killed in Utah

    :mad: And the owner received a phone call with someone laughing on it.
  17. A UK Horseriding Tutorial: The Tatler Riding School

    "The perfect seat. This comes from the pelvis. Like many other good things." :lol:

    "You know what they say about girls with droopy spurs - droopy knickers." :lol:

    And don't miss the...
  18. Suicide Donkey Stopped by Israeli Army

    Welcome to the world of terrorists where innocent animals are used to try to kill people.
  19. A Look at a South African Horse Depot - 1945

    This really gives you an idea of how large these horse depots were!
  20. Meet "Demonde" the 18h Calf Roping Paint Horse

    My kind of horse. :yes:
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    A Lot of Smooching Going on Here

    Looks like a hot first date. :D
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    Top 10 Horsey Wines

    Now you know what to serve at the barn. :yes:
  23. Native American Memorial Horse Run Through Town

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    Better Than Zac Efron Riding?

  25. The Riding Women of the Frontier Nursing Service - 1925

    Going where no one else would go to provide mid-wife services. More info at the FB link below plus an additional image at the second link.
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