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Jesse Hayworth

April 9, 2013

Horse Shopping vs. Online Dating Part 3: The Test Ride

As a perpetual “long on goals, short on cash” rider, I spent most of my teens and 20s either riding or working to pay for my riding, and didn’t get in a whole lot of practice on the dating thing. So when it came time for middle-aged me to find a new mount—er, gentleman friend—I was at a loss. (Read Part 1: The Wish List and Part 2: Buyer Beware of this series.).

April 9, 2013

Horse Shopping vs. Online Dating Part 2: Buyer Beware

When it came time to replace my previous mount … er, significant other, I did what came naturally after a couple of decades of buying and selling project horses: I got online, felt my way through the various sale websites, figured out my budget, wrote up a reasonable wish list, and started sending out inquiries. (Read Part 1 of the series, The Wish List.)

April 8, 2013

Horse Shopping vs. Online Dating Part 1: The Wish List

When it came time for me to jump back into the dating paddock after 15 years in a relationship, I decided that since I lived in the sticks (or at least the New England version thereof), and my main hobbies were heavy on the four-legged creatures, going online would be my best bet. In doing so, I discovered that many of the strategies I'd developed in two decades of horse shopping served me well.

Here are a few pointers I picked up along the way…

Be realistic about your budget.

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