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Blogger Jennie Brannigan

April 19, 2010

Volcano Interrupts Travel To Badminton

Well the past two weeks have been quite busy, as things usually are at True Prospect Farm. Since getting back from Aiken, we've traveled to Plantation Field and Fair Hill.
I had four horses running at Plantation Field and had the pleasure of riding Jan Bynny's horse, Walstraed, in the preliminary. I was quite excited to have the oppurtunity to ride this talented grey Dutch horse and was really happy with the outcome of the weekend. Unfortunately Jan has to sell Walstraed as she isn't quite working in full force yet.

April 5, 2010

Headed Home After A Busy Time In Aiken

Can you believe another Aiken has come and gone? We are already back up North getting ready to tackle some big spring three-days. I am certainly happy to be back home and am looking forward to the upcoming months here at True Prospect Farm.

First off, The Fork was a great event this weekend, and we were blessed to have some amazing weather to work with for once. Cambalda ran his first intermediate back and was amazing.

March 22, 2010

A Good Outing At Southern Pines II

Well this weekend was a good one for me at the Southern Pines Horse Trials II as well as for our whole True Prospect Farm crew. The weather was great as well as the competition. It was a good weekend for the sport too, as there were few falls, and everyone came out of the weekend looking good.

March 10, 2010

Busy Times In Aiken

I’ve been swamped the past couple weeks here in Aiken, and I am excited to say that things have been going quite well.

On a not too positive note, I am really worried about Jan Byyny, and I know that she is one tough, brave person who will get better. It still is such a reality check though that our sport can be so taxing at times. Jan and Rebecca Howard are two great riders, and I have always looked up to Jan so much. She has been there for me and is always willing to give advice and have my back, so I cannot wait to see her out doing what she does best soon. 

February 22, 2010

A Busy Weekend At Paradise

As the eventing season continues on, we’ve had a really busy week at Phillip’s place. Between training sessions and events mid week and on the weekend, things are well under way and going quite well for us.

I just got through the Paradise Horse Trials this weekend, and with four to ride it was an exciting, busy and rewarding weekend for me. I was thrilled with the three horses that moved up at this event. They had quite a test on the cross-country day.

February 14, 2010

A Snowstorm In Aiken

So the past week or so I have been slammed busy, but I am excited that all the horses are going really well.

Sporting Days was last weekend, and I had three horses competing there. I was quite sick over the event, so I really appreciated the great help that I had there including Kelley Merrett and Jean Marie who gave me a hand at the event. 

February 2, 2010

Show Season In Aiken Is Under Way

The eventing season is under way, and this week was a busy but good one! With Phillip and Emma still away in Wellington, Fla., for all the team training going on down there, things were cracking up in Aiken at Red Oak.

We got the first cross-country school out of the way at Full Gallop Farm. The young horses I took out were quite good, and the ground was a bit wet with all the rain that we have been getting. I am excited to have some nice young horses down here to ride and compete, and I think that the spring will be a good one.

January 18, 2010

Back In Action But Still Missing Cooper

This winter has been an interesting one, and with a little break and some rest we are now back in full force and in Aiken again!

I have been a bit emotional this week, because I am having a hard time thinking about being in Aiken without Cooper. The final realization of what has happened is now settling in, and it's weird not to see him in the field that he was in last year. But I keep on keeping on!

December 22, 2009

He Was A Blessing

A few years back, a fellow competitor said to me that if they had as much bad luck as me they would quit.

At the time, I’m not exactly sure what I thought of that comment. I think I might have been a little pissed actually.

Now I think about that comment and laugh, because I’ve had some bad luck, but I’ve had some great luck too. 

December 15, 2009

Memories Of Cooper

Someone once said to me, "One day I can’t wait to leg you up on a horse that will make everyone else nervous."

At the time I didn’t think much about not having a horse like that. Probably because I always had some sort of weird confidence that someday I would.

I remember eventing for quite a while before I ever won a horse trial...even a novice event. I started riding for other people when I was 16. I started eventing when I was 12, and I want to say that I didn't win even an intro until I was 17.

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