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Coree Reuter

April 21, 2010

Rolex: It’s More Than Just A Watch

I haven’t had a lot of time to ride this year. Between work, Snowmaggedon, Snowpocolypse, the rain, the cold, the absence of sunlight, my new coaching gig, and did I mention snow? I’ve been scrambling for more than five hours of sleep at night, let alone going riding.

April 18, 2010

SCAD And Bonham Repeat Winners At ANRC

For the sixth time in the past eight years, Savannah College of Art & Design’s equestrian team took home the ANRC Intercollegiate Equitation Championship, today, April 18 at Sweet Briar College in Sweet Briar, Va. Not only did they win the championship, they simply dominated the competition, winning every ridden phase.

“The drive never changes [from year to year],” said coach Ashley Kelly. “They do everything they can to show what wonderful horsemanship skills they have. The desire to win is what pulls them to the top. Their desire to make it happen is amazing.”

April 17, 2010

Savannah College Of Art & Design Leads The Way At ANRC National Championships

Savannah College Of Art & Design is in a pretty familiar position at the 32nd ANRC National Intercollegiate Equitation Championships, today, Saturday, April 17, Sweet Briar, Va. They slipped into the lead after a strong performance in the dressage sportif phase of the competition, and since the school has taken home the title five times in the past decade, they're hoping to bring home number six, and their third consecutive win.

April 14, 2010

My Horseshoe Must Be Working

I’ve had a pretty awesome streak of good news, lately. I found out I’m going to Europe in December, I got a job coaching soccer (my other great passion), my best friend just had a beautiful baby boy, the numbers in my bank account multiplied thanks to my income tax return, and I managed to win $200 on the slot machines at Charles Town Races and Slots (W.V.)! I didn’t even use my own money, since the casino gave me $25 free slot play. Go me!

April 13, 2010

Towing And Trailer Safety, Part 3: Choosing The Right Trailer

Check back on Wednesday, April 28, to learn about choosing the right tow vehicle, the next article in our continuing series on Towing and Trailer Safety.

With so many different trailers to choose from these days, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when considering a trailer purchase. However, if you stick to a few simple guidelines and keep in mind that the trailer needs to fit the horse, you can simplify the process.

April 7, 2010

Of Old Cars, Brave Horses And A Little Johnny

My first car was a 1984 Chevy El Camino. I loved that car … or truck; depending on from what angle you were looking at it. The exterior was two shades of gray, the interior the same muted color, and one of my earliest memories of it was the road trip we took to California to drive it home.

You might be wondering how on Earth this relates to horses and history, but just wait. I do have a point!

April 7, 2010

Towing And Trailer Safety Part 2: Emergencies On The Road

Check back every Wednesday through May 26 for our continuing series on Towing and Trailer Safety.

More than six million car accidents occur in the United States every year. While there are no reliable statistics regarding how many of those accidents involve horse trailers, any accident involving horses and vehicles has the potential to get ugly quickly. 

April 2, 2010

Centenary College’s Equestrian Program Teaches More Than Good Riding

Since the school began offering riding classes in the 1930s, Centenary has paved the way for equestrian education.

Centenary College’s Intercollegiate Horse Show Association hunt seat team riders had no expectations when they arrived at IHSA Nationals last April. They wanted to be successful, but their goals centered on riding well and having fun.

So it was a sweet surprise when they walked away with the school’s first Collegiate Cup championship
since 1979.

April 1, 2010

Receive A Letter In The Mail Today? Thank A Horse!

If someone built a time machine, and everyone got a free ride to any time period in history, where would you go? It’s a tough choice, isn’t it? Our history is built upon so many fascinating moments and deeds that it’s hard to narrow it down to one choice. Personally, I think there is something incredibly fascinating about Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, but if I had to pick something in American history, I’d go with the Pony Express.

March 31, 2010

Towing And Trailer Safety Part 1: It's All About The Horse

Check back every Wednesday through May 26 for our continuing series on Towing and Trailer Safety.

Getting into a car and driving down the road doesn’t concern most of us. We have to drive in order to go to work, make purchases, visit friends, engage in social activities and function in general. Most of us enjoy and appreciate our cars.

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